All of our Dams and Sires, in our Breeding Program are Registered with the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB (AKC) We are Committed and take Pride in Breeding High Health Quality AKC Registered Dachshunds with Great Temperaments. Conformation is also Very Important to us. We are always striving to Breed the Very Best Dams and Sires together to produce a Great Looking Healthy Dachshund that have the Correct Conformation and can Best Represent the AKC Dachshund Standards. Beautiful Colors and Patterns are a great bonus too!!! If your family is looking for a Great Pet or Wonderful Companion......let's face it.......A Healthy Dachshund with a GREAT Temperament are the Most Important Factors that you will be looking for!!! You will want to Find a Great Breeder that Truly Loves and Takes Care of their Family of Dachshunds as We Do here at CAMSDachshunds!!! Then Color and length of coat are usually the second deciding factors as to which puppy you choose to take home with you, as your Family Member. Whether you choose one of our Red DachshundsPiebald Dachshunds, Black & Tan Dachshunds or any of our miniature Dachshunds for sale.  CAMSDachshunds will Produce and offer Your Family a Great Quality-Healthy Dachshund pup that you can be proud of and Love for Years to come!!!!

All of our Dogs/Puppies are our Family Members and they are All Given the Best of Care to Maintain Their Health. When one of our Breeders Retire...they Stay with us for ALL of their Lives....They are our Children. They do Not Belong Anywhere else........This will keep us from getting too big or over crowded!!! We just LOVE them all !!!!!

MAGNOLIA is One More of Our Own Beautiful Girls that we have brought up Right here at CAMSDachshunds and We are Proud of Her!!!!! 
Maggie a Mini Black & Tan Long Hair Piebald that carries for ALL Colors (including Dilutes)
She is Long and Slender and Her Personality is gentle and Wonderfully Sound!!!!!
She has had one Gorgeous Litter with Fantastic Pups and with the Right Male She will give Our Families the Very Best Puppy to Love!!!!!

My Handsome side-kick.......He is a true Mamma's Boy!!!! Gunner is a Dark Chocolate & Tan Smooth Coat Piebald. His eyes are a beautiful Golden/Green (they seem to glow) He carries for just about everything (to include strong for Isabella, Blues (Dilutes) Chocolates and Black & tans...his father is a beautiful Isabella & tan) Gunner has Completely Proven himself as a Fantastic Sire. The pups that he has Produced have been absolutely Gorgeous with Wonderful Temperments!!!!
 Our Very Handsome Fathers
  Our Very Lovely Mothers
Gabriella (GABBIE) is a Gorgeous Chocolate & Cream 'Patchwork' Dapple little Girl. We absolutely LOVE this Beautiful and Great-Tempered Little Girl!!!  Gabbie has had Wonderful Dapple pups (she even had 2 Black & Silver Dapples!!!!).......Gabbie has some AKC Champions and International Champions in her background!!!! Her Coat is Gorgeous (Extremely Thick and Soft) She carries Strong for Creams, Chocolates and Dilutes.......and has the Patchwork Dapple Pattern......that is Wonderfully Attractive!!!!! We are Very Proud of our Little Gabbie she has proven to be a GREAT Mom!!!! 
This is "Finnegan".......he is a Long-hair Very Lite Creamy Red (He looks more Cream than Red) Finnegan has a Great Background with AKC Champions and International Champions. His Coat is so Long and Thick. Finnegan is absolutely one more 'Completely Handsome Male' to mix into the Crew!!!!! Wow, He has it all.....he Carries Strong for Creams, Chocolates, Chocolates & Creams and Dilutes. 
Plus Finnegan is our smallest Male. He is very Quiet and has a GREAT Temperament and a Wonderful Conformation too!!!!! He has turned into a Great little Sire and has already Sired some Absolutely Beautiful Puppies!!!!!

Miniature Dachshunds for Sale & More

EMMA is a Beautiful Miniature Long-hair Black & Tan Dapple with a bit of Silver in her coat too!!!!! She has a GREAT Conformation and Wonderfully Sound Temperament....she is Quiet with an Easy Going Personality..... and she can out Snuggle even the best!!!!! Emma Carries for Just about Every Color including Dilutes (Blue & Isabella) ......and she can Produce those Beautiful Colors in Patterns of Solids, Dapples and Piebald!!!!!
We are Certainly Looking forward to seeing What her Future will bring us in late 2019.....!!!!!
This is "Augie".....he is a Long-hair Black & Tan.....He Showed for the Piebald Pattern at Birth with white on his Chest, feet and chin!!!!! His Tan is almost a perfect Orange!!!!! He carries for all Colors (including Dilutes) Augie has a Super Long GORGEOUS Thick Coat!!!!! His Grandparents are Our Autumn & Levi and he Carries Strong for GREATNESS!!!!! 
Augie is just Wonderful in Every Way!!!!! He has one of the most Sweet & Gentle Temperaments with a Wonderful Conformation too!!!!! He has produced Piebalds and Solids with a few of Our Lovely Ladies and with his background he will Sire Absolutely Beautiful Puppies Each and Every Time!!!!!
KITKAT is Beautiful and she has one of the most Wonderful Dispositions!!! She is a Sweet-Heart that is Gorgeous too!!!! KitKat is a Miniature Long-Hair Chocolate & Tan that Carries for Chocolates, Reds, Dilutes and Black & Tans (She has the Most Beautiful Golden Green Eyes) She is Long and Slender just like her Mother "Autumn"...... KitKat is Gentle and Wonderful. 
KitKat and Hoss had a GORGEOUS Litter Together.....Beautiful Colors and Super Sweet!!!!!
BAILEY is a Gorgeous Black & Tan 'Tuxedo-Piebald'..... With a Wonderfully Super Shiny Long-Coat!!!!! She has a Lovely Temperament that is Complimented with a Great Conformation too!!!!! 
Bailey has just recently Proven to be a Very GREAT Mom......!!!!! She carries for All Coloring including Dilutes..... along with Beautiful Solid or Piebald Patterns.....Stunning to look at!!!!!!
"SILKIES" is Wonderful...... She is a Creamy Red Piebald with a Beautifully SOFT-Silky Feeling Coat!!!! GORGEOUS with a Cuddle Bug Disposition!!!! Silkies is my little Love-Bug and you will Always find her tucked up under my chin!!!!!!
Silkies Carries for All Colors Reds, Black & Tans, Dilutes, Chocolates and Creams!!!!
GREAT Picture of Lots of Our DOXIE CREW!!!!!!
​Sassi-Frassi is a Beautiful Long Hair RED Sweet Little Girl......She Shows for the Piebald Pattern (w/ the white on her chest) .....She Carries for All shades of Reds, Chocolates, Black & Tan and Dilutes and if you match her up with a Piebald Male she can produce Lovely Full Piebalds!!!!! Sassi-Frassi has an Awesome Temperament with a Wonderful Conformation too.....She is Absolutely Lovely in Every Single Way!!!!! 
"KIAHIA" is Wonderful...... She has a Red Piebald Pattern with a Beautiful Harsh Wire Longer Coat!!!!!! She has a fun Personality with a LOT of Wiggle and she is Always Looking for her 'Extra Share' of Love and cuddle time.....Kiahia Carries for just about All Colors: Reds, Black & Tans, Dilutes, & Chocolates!!!!!!!!
She has Already Proven to be a GREAT Mom and had a Litter of Super Sweet Puppies!!!!!!
This is "Kolbie-Jacques".....he is a Long-hair Creamy Red-Blonde Gorgeous New Sire.....
Kolbie Shows for the Piebald Pattern and 
He also carries for all Colors (including Dilutes) He has his moms (Gabbie's) Long-WONDERFUL Super Thick Coat!!!!! 
Both Sides of His Pedigree includes Multiple AKC and CKC Champions.....His Great-Grandparents are also Our Autumn & Levi so he is Sound and Carries Strong for GREATNESS!!!!
Kolbie-Jacques is just Wonderful in Every Way.....Especially, since He has one of the most Sweet & Gentle Temperaments with a Wonderful Conformation too!!!!! 
This is "Brix".....he is a Black & Tan Long Hair Super Sweetie.....What an Adorable and Handsome New Sire!!!!! 
Brix has a Wonderful Quality Background..... His Mother has AKC Ribbons and He has Multiple Russian Champions all through his Pedigree on his Fathers side!!!!!
Brix is Fun Loving, Adorable and has an EXCELLENT Temperament!!!!! 
He is a Fantastic Addition to Our Upcoming Litters!!!!!