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Birth Weight was: 6.0 oz......."KENNAN" is a Super little Sweetie.....He has a Wonderful Wheaten Color with a Harsh Wire Coat!!!!! His Eyes are a Very Light Beautiful GREEN.....GORGEOUS for sure!!!!!
​Birth weight was: 5.7 oz........"KAILEE" is a Beautiful little Red Female.......She is one lil Sweetie with a Silky Wire Coat and Green eyes!!!!! 

   CAMSDachshunds is an AKC: American Kennel Club Breeder 
We are Licensed by the State of New York Agriculture (#845) 
   Please contact us with any questions about our Dachshunds 
   We’re always happy to Talk to Other Dachshund lovers!!!!!

               You may reserve your new puppy      
     by placing a non-refunable & non-transferable
  Deposit of $150.00 by Postal Money Order or Cash.
 CASH ONLY for ALL Pick-ups or Deliveries of Puppies
   No Checks Accepted when Picking-up Your Puppy  

   Males or Femles are each: $1195.00 

  (Prices are for LIMITED AKC Registration)


        We will Meet Our Families 1/2 or partial way          (within a reasonable distance)  
Contact us for more information & pricing...Thanks!!!

  All Sales are subject to NYS Sales Tax 

        Please CONTACT:
     Cherie @ 1-716-753-2439


Birth Weight was: 5.5 oz......."KENZIE" is a Super Honey!!!!! 
She is a Little Red Smooth Coat Female!!!!! Very Tiny too!!!!!

Pictures!!!!! added: 4/30/17
​Kiahia's Puppies are ALL Living in their for-Ever-Homes!!!!!
Thank You to Their Families that Love them!!!!!