Our Handsome  
   GUNNER is the Father

These PUPPIES are ALL Spoken for and are Now Living in Their For-Ever-Homes!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!

    CAMSDachshunds is an American Kennel Club Breeder. 
    Please contact us with questions about our Dachshunds. 
 We’re always happy to hear from fellow Dachshund lovers!!!!!
   Thank you Very Much for Your Interest in Our Puppies!!!!
               Please CONTACT:  Cherie @ 1-716-753-2439


               You may reserve your new puppy      
     by placing a non-refunable & non-transferable
  Deposit of $150.00 by Postal Money Order or Cash.
 CASH ONLY for ALL Pick-ups or Deliveries of Puppies
   No Checks Accepted when Picking-up Your Puppy  

        $1,395.00 each: for Males
   For LIMITED AKC Registration!!!!


     Meeting Our Families 1/2 or  partial way(within a reasonable distance) is Available !!!!!
Contact us for more information & pricing...Thanks!!!!

  All Sales that are Made within NY State 
        are subject to NYS sales Tax

           Please CONTACT:
     Cherie @ 1-716-753-2439
Magnolia & Gunner's Puppies are HERE!!!!! 
                    5 GORGEOUS PIEBALD Puppies!!!!!!
       All 5 PUPPPIES are Spoken for!!!!!!

3rd Born: Birth Weight 7.5 oz.......lil "WALTER" is a Very Handsome Black & Tan Piebald Male.....He Looks like he May Possibly have a Med-to-Long Hair Coat.....Wow.....what a Beautiful shiny coat and an Awesome little Guy!!!!!!!

5th Born: Birth Weight 6.7 oz.....lil "TUCKER" is a Very Handsome Black & Tan Piebald Male.....his head is mostly Solid Black and his back also is mostly black.....all of his legs and paws are white..... He Looks like he will Possibly have a Med-to-Long Hair Coat.....he is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! 

Spoken For!!!!!!!
His name is: "TUCKER"
    MAGNOLIA with 
    Her Puppies!!!!!!